From singing on New York City subway platforms to lending vocals on Kanye records, Chris’s story has always been one of radical contradictions.

Born into a family with a mother who was once labeled “one of the most dangerous minds in America,” yet raised with a Quaker background, Chris’s life has been anything but ordinary.

While first playing in punk and metal bands during his youth, Chris was discovered by a former opera star who noticed he possessed a world class vocal range. Through the natural evolution of his talent, Chris’s music today is indebted to classic soul and R&B, with a unique indie rock spirit that commands a certain presence on stage.








DESTINATIONS deals with how our small decisions in life are the ones that create our biggest differences.  As you may remember, the move to NYC a few years back was a pivotal one for me and this song examines that feeling or that decision process where I concluded that I wasn't living the life I wanted and needed to make a change. (Click here for links to song.)

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Black Ink

by Chris Zurich


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